Risks and Riddles

“Risks and Riddles” by Gregory F. Treverton (Smithsonian Mag)   Former National Security advisor Gregory Treverton explains why there is a difference between mysteries and puzzles. Puzzles are problems that have a solution, you just might not know what it is yet. Mysteries are problems with no clear solution, and it might not even be… Continue reading Risks and Riddles


Shrek and Facts

  Best Books I Read Last Year:   Great Plains by Ian Frazier The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman   What I’m Reading:   The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before (NPR)   Joe Gould’s Teeth by Jill Lepore and Lifespan Of a Fact by John D’Agata… Continue reading Shrek and Facts

Mr Rogers and a Delusional Bill Gates Impersonator

Book report #45 “The Master Writer of the City” by Janet Malcolm (New York Review of Books) The writer Joseph Mitchell used invented elements in his reported pieces for the mid-century New Yorker. Should he be drawn and quartered by the high priests of journalism? Janet Malcolm has other ideas:   “[F]ew of us have… Continue reading Mr Rogers and a Delusional Bill Gates Impersonator

Jonathan Franzen contemplates suicide

Book report "Farther Away" by Jonathan Franzen (New Yorker) In 2010, Jonathan Franzen travelled to the remote island that the novel Robinson Crusoe was set on, to read the book (and see some birds). The essay drifts between his travelogue, bird watching, thinking about the origin of the novel, and reflecting on the suicide of… Continue reading Jonathan Franzen contemplates suicide

Why is UBI such a tedious topic?

UBI is a DRAG Many people are talking about Universal Basic Income (UBI), the policy that proposes a standardized cash payment to citizens. On gut feeling alone, the idea is seductive, but upon further inspection, it is a quagmire. This is because at its root it is a moral question. Should people receive “something for… Continue reading Why is UBI such a tedious topic?

What The Times Magazine Got Wrong About Climate Change

Robin's Book Report #42 A reading list by Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein Agenda -New Writing -Book Report Can brand-new condos increase racial segregation? I wrote about a recently dismissed lawsuit that wanted the city to analyze how racial minorities are affected by new housing developments. Most articles, about this case, got many of the details wrong, so… Continue reading What The Times Magazine Got Wrong About Climate Change

How responsible should we be?

This is a copy of my newsletter. Sign up here Robin's Book Report #40 A culture and economics reading list by Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein Agenda Hello everyone, - Check out an article I wrote about one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. - I also wrote about the owner of Gladys Jerk Center in Prospect Lefferts… Continue reading How responsible should we be?